Create Your Dream Sofa with James and Rose

A quick 'how to' when it comes to your very own beautiful bespoke sofa.

All our sofas are handmade by us in our little workshop in Preston, Lancashire. Every detail from the ground up is made on site, uniquely for each customer. From frames and finish everything is indivudal just for YOU.

If you are thinking of coming to visit us it's also worth going over the below so you can come prepared.

The step-by-step guide below will help you create you perfect piece ;-)

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1. Browse our Website

Take a look around our website and see all the ranges we have on offer. 

Remember all our sofas are bespoke, meaning everything can come in 100's of fabrics and leathers and most things can be modified to suit you.

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2. Measure your space

You need to know what you are working with. Don't worry if its not 100% accurate, we can help you get to the right dimensions for your sofa.

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3. Submit your enquiry

We have various ways to make an enquiry on each range we offer.


Get in touch in one of these ways and we can get the ball rolling and give you an initial idea of pricing.

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4. Samples in the post

Once we confirm what you are looking for we can pop you a selection of beautiful samples in the post.

Once your samples arrive take a look through and see what catches your eye. Don't worry if they aren't quite right the first time, we can always send you a few more.

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5. Finalise the details

Modifications to height and depth, type of feet, studded or piped facings?

There are lots of different options to customise your sofa and make it truly yours.

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6. Everything comes together

When your ready to place your order. Get in touch by giving us a call or paying us a visit and we can get everything in place. 

We have got very good over the years at doing things from a distance and we will make sure everything is perfect before your sofa goes into production. 

Once your order is in place, in 8 weeks time we'll deliver your gorgeous new bespoke sofa!

Placing your order

James and Rose are both the manufacturer and the retailer, because of that we know our stuff. We’ve no middle men, no big fancy showrooms, just loads of knowledge and expertise. You’re buying directly from us, we always look after our customers. We ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

When designing your dream sofa the easiest thing to do is to give us a call. James and Rose sofas can be simple or a little more complex. It’s always better to have a conversation with us about it. Get to know us and our family run business. We don’t have customer service departments or call centres you will always speak directly to the people making your sofa.

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