Scatter Cushions

Perfect to compliment our sofas, our scatter cushions can come in a range of sizes and covered in 100's of fabrics to either compliment or contrast your sofa.

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Scatter cushions can be ordered along side any our our sofas or individually.
Below is an estimated guide to pricing, but the material they are covered in may change this price. 


Small (42cm x 42cm)                       £40                  

Medium (47cm x 47cm)                     £45                 

Large (52cm x 52cm)                        £50                

Extra Large (62cm x 62cM)                 £60                  
Square Bolster (62 cm x 30cm)         £40                 

Cylinder Bolster (50cm x 18cm)       £50                 

As all of our pricing is bespoke once you enquire we will work out a unique quote or add it to your sofa order when we have more details.


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Small (42cm x 42cm)

Medium (47cm x 47cm)

Large (52cm x 52cm)

Extra Large (62cm x 62cm)  

Square Bolster (62 cm x 30cm)

Cylinder Bolster (50cm x 18cm)


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