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Compact and contemporary, this lower sitting corner sofa is perfect for making your space count.

It's all in the details...

This is what comes 'as standard' but as all James & Rose sofas are bespoke, made to order, and unique for you, pretty much everything can be modified. Get in touch and we can discuss your perfect sofa.

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Sleek low-slung styling

A slender form gives this sofa some classic cool.

0036_036 - Copy.jpg
Made just for you

Everything we make is a one-off, you won't find a production line here. Tailored to your sizes and dimensions to fit perfectly in your space.

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Big cushiony seats 

Nice and big Dual-Core feather and foam seats give this sofa maximum comfort.

Built in our little workshop in Lancashire

From frames to finish our sofas should last a lifetime. Solid beech wood timber frames and high quality components are used in everything we do. That's why we offer a lifetime construction guarantee, and will always help if you have any issue with your piece.

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Finishing touches

Ending with an 'arm' or 'chaise' finish and a vast choice of feet let you personalise your sofa.

All the colours of the rainbow

All of our pieces can be covered in 1000's of fabrics and leathers, we should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. We usually start your James & Rose journey with FREE samples in the post to look through and choose from.


All of our sofas can come to any size you like.

Depths and heights can be increased or decreased.

Get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.

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* Upholstery isn't an exact science... all our dimensions can deviate by up to 3cm or so .


Just like all our sofas - our pricing is bespoke - only once we have a few details in place can we give you a final quote for your piece. Below you will find some estimated pricing based on the size of your sofa.

L-Shape Left

L-Shape Right

Left Hand Corner Coloured.png
Right Hand Corner Coloured.png


U-Shape Corner Coloured.png

Input your dimensions  into our clever  calculators to get a rough  idea of cost.

Different materials  have different costings - Leather is +15%, Patchwork is +20%

Once you get in touch and we can refine the details to give you a more accurate quote.

Use just one 'Side Section' for a L-Shape corner sofa

or both 'Side Sections' for a U-shape Corner sofa


Interested in this sofa? Let us know some details and we can work out your unique quote and pop you out some FREE fabric and leather samples in the post.

give us a call

We'll discuss your piece, take some details and pop you out a selection of samples in the post.


pay us a visit

Your more than welcome to come visit our family run workshop and showroom. 

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