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5 Top Tips for a Perfect Sofa?

Research suggests we spend around 30 hours a week on our sofas. That’s a lot of time so best make sure you spend it right. Our 5 top tips will help make sure you find the perfect sofa and tell you a little about what goes into every James and Rose piece.


The starting point for a perfect sofa is always the frame, a good frame should be built to last a lifetime. Many sofas use pine or MDF in their frames, which just isn’t going to the stand up to the test of time. It’s always better to invest in a solid wood frame like the beechwood timber used in James and Rose sofas. Whilst it is the slightly more expensive option, it is much more durable and robust, and won’t warp or buckle in a few years time.

The joinery, the way the frame goes together, is also very important. Corner blocks, doweled, glued and screwed – all form part of a quality join. Our frames are all engineered to ensure they provide a high level of manufacturing quality.

We are so confident in our frames here at James and Rose all our sofas come with a lifetime construction guarantee.


What's on the inside you perfect sofa can make a real difference. Too soft/too firm its all about finding the right balance. Make sure your selective when it comes to the fillings – some offer less than others when it comes to both comfort and durability. Fibre filled cushions can become flat quickly, overly hard foam can be like sitting on bricks.

The signature filling at James and Rose is our Dual-Core cushions – a high density reflex foam with a feather and down topper. This gives you the squishy softness combined with the foam base, meaning less time plumping and more time to relax for a heck of a lot longer due to their durability. Like every aspect of a James and Rose sofa everything is chosen by you. We have many options when it comes to fillings to find your perfect sit.

When it comes to the springs, a heavily weighted serpentine spring, as we use, is good option. A traditional hand tied coiled spring seat is great, but so is the price tag that goes along with it. You really want to avoid anything that is cheaply made, as this can cause problems with pressure on the frame and the dreaded ‘saggy seat’!

The details matter. Hand tied buttoning, different finishing options, individual metal studs, even a vast range of choice when it comes to feet all add to making the sofa your own.

One thing we can say is we’ve never had an issue with comfort as you can see from our customers reviews here.


Getting the sizing of your perfect sofa correct is paramount. You’ve got to make sure its a focal point of your room without it being so big its overpowering, or so small it gets lost. Measure up the space you are working with to make sure its spot on. Planning out the outline of the sofa with tape or newspapers may help.

When it comes to a corner or u-shape sofa, a general rule of thumb bigger is always slightly better. By going bigger you can regain the seating space of the corners.

As a top tip, its always better to err on the side of caution, more so if you are fitting a gap. Much better it fits with space than doesn’t go in. Our GUIDE to help measure your space should help. We will also advise as much as possible when it comes to sizing and we send diagrams of the piece to ensure its correct before going into production.

ALWAYS – check the access – make sure the sofa will fit through any doors and corridors so we can be sure it will get into the room. No one wants to sit on a sofa outside their house.


So, you know your dimensions, got a idea of the style, now for the hard bit, the fabric or leather your perfect sofa is covered in. 

Not all fabrics are made equal, some just aren’t up to the task. When it comes to choosing the right fabric you have to consider the use. Is this a decorative piece, that will see only occasional use. Or is this a family sofa were everyone will gather for Netflix and chill. Whatever it may be we can always advise on the best fabric for the job.

Fabrics use something called the Martindale test to check there suitability, most of our fabrics score 35,000 and higher. When you are placing an order we will always enquire to its use and make sure we recommend fabrics accordingly.

Again, they are hundreds of different leathers out there. We only use quality UK sourced hides. Something modern with an even colour choose a pigmented hide. Something more rustic and traditional, an aniline is for you.

When it comes to colour, do you want your sofa to be bold and stand out or to sit perfectly within your decor? We offer all the colours of the rainbow, just make sure its right for you. Greys and creams goes with everything, red is warming and a deep blue looks classy. Complete an enquiry for one of our ranges and we will handpick a selection of samples to send you out in the post.


Learn everything you can about your sofa. What goes into it, where it comes from and most importantly how its made. It’s always worrying when people don’t have the answers. Many sofa stores just are just retailers, sales people who know little about the product. Other than they want you to BUY!

James and Rose are both the manufacturer and the retailer because of that we know our stuff. We’ve no middle men, no big fancy showrooms, just loads of knowledge and expertise. You’re buying directly from us, we always look after or customers. We ensure you get exactly what your wanting.

When designing your dream sofa, above all, give us a call. James and Rose sofas can be simple or a little more complex. It’s always better to have a conversation with us about it. Get to know us and our family run business. We don’t have customer service departments or call centres you will always speak directly to the people making your sofa.

Should you wish to visit you are more than welcome, you can look round our workshops and see pieces in production as well as have a sit and try on a great range of sofas in our lovely showroom. We do work by appointment and you can book a visit here:-

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